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Daniel Thomas and Koa Misi all return to Miami Dolp2014-Dec-9

Daniel Thomas and Koa Misi all return to Miami Dolp


Cornerback Vontae Davis (hamstring), running back Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and Johnny Manziel Jersey linebacker Koa Misi (neck) returned to the starting lineup after missing the Dolphins' last game, a Week 4 loss at San Diego.


Davis, who also missed the Week 3 loss at Cleveland, made the biggest initial impact in his return to the lineup. He led the Dolphins with four tackles in the first half and held receiver Santonio Holmes to two catches for 25 yards.


Though the Jets led 14 6 at halftime, they gained just 100 total yards in the half and scored one offensive touchdown in five possessions. Their other touchdown was a 100 yard interception return by Darrelle Revis.


Misi returned to his spot at outside linebacker and had one tackle Derek Carr Youth Jersey in the first half. Jason Taylor, who had a minimal impact while subbing for Misi against the Chargers, was once again relegated to spot duty against the Jets, his former team.


Thomas, meanwhile, had trouble finding space. He entered the game averaging 101 rushing yards per game and 4.9 yards per carry, but rushed for just 25 yards on 10 carries in the first half and was stuffed twice inside the Jets' 5 yard line. He also had a 12 yard reception.


Clemons, Merling sit: Aside from quarterback Chad Henne www.officialfootballjaguars.com/Nike-Blake-Bortles-Jersey.html lost for the season with a shoulder injury the only important player missing for Miami was safety Chris Clemons, who was inactive.


He has been hampered by a hamstring injury all season. Clemons played in the previous two games but hasn't been able to shake his injury.


The Dolphins' two Johnny Manziel Kids Jersey other www.nflraidersofficial.com/Nike-Dave-Casper-Jersey.html notable inactive players were defensive end Phillip Merling, who was left home for non injury reasons, and running back Steve Slaton, who wasn't needed because of Thomas' return.


The Dolphins declined to say how many tickets remained; as many as 15,000 were available earlier this season.


But with former University of Florida star Tim Tebow set to start his first game of the season, and the Dolphins planning to hold "Gator Day" festivities to honor the 2009 BCS Championship team, the Dolphins should avoid a blackout.

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Canada sets its sports bar too low2014-Dec-9

Canada sets its sports bar too low


Canada's Jared Connaughton (right) and Great Britain's James Ellingtonreact after a men's 200 meter heat during the athletics in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London on Tuesday, Aug. Phillip


, Associated Press


The Canadian team placed 36th in the standings used by the IOC and 202 of the 204 countries participating in the XXX Olympiad winning just one gold medal, five silver and 12 bronze. Canada's previous worst results were 27th at Montreal in 1976 and Munich in 1972. At Beijing four years ago, Canada ranked 19th.


The IOC's count http://www.officialbrownsfootball.com/WOMENS-JOHNNY-MANZIEL-JERSEY.html is somewhat unfair to Canada, given it's based on a system where gold medals alone determine placement unless two countries tie for golds won, in which case the country with more silver medals ranks higher.


But the IOC's arithmetic is no less cockeyed than the criteria used by the Canadian government and the Canadian Olympic Committee, which gives all medals equal weight. This loopy method of calculating sporting prowess, and the sophistry that always goes with it, puts Canada with its one gold medal and 18 in total ahead of far less populous countries such as Hungary, Blake Bortles Women Jersey which won eight gold, Kazakhstan with seven and New Zealand and Cuba with five each.


If this was accounting, Canada's mathematical gyrations would be called cooking the books. If this was politics it would be akin to gerrymandering By Canada's perverse logic its athletes whose sole gold here was in trampolining performed better than those from Jamaica, whose sprinters seized four gold medals and Blake Bortles Kids Jersey provided these Olympics with several of their most breathtaking moments.


The only other country to use the Canadian counting system is the United States, but it is irrelevant for Old Glory as its athletes topped both the gold and overall medal tables in London, as they have at almost every Olympics.


Establishing who ranks where would be much fairer if five points were awarded for a gold, three for a silver and one for a bronze. Using this formula, Canada would be 22nd with 27 points rather than 13th or 36th.


Even following Canada's self serving tabulation, it is clear that Ottawa and the COC set the bar too low when they declared that their goal was to finish in the top 12. Given Canada's wealth, the size of its population, the money it spends on sport and its many high quality training facilities, the country's sports bureaucrats should have aimed for an eighth place finish and certainly nothing below 10th.


Worse than Canada's disappointing result is that fact that these results do not appear to have perturbed the federal government, the COC or a congenitally forgiving media and public. Meanwhile, in Australia with 40 per cent fewer people than Canada it is a national scandal that its team only won seven gold and 35 medals.


Australia's embarrassment provided lots of merry fodder for the British media. Canada's much weaker results, have not, so far I as know, merited even one mention. In fact, Canada's Olympians, the women soccer team excepted, has barely registered here at all.


This is in no way to denigrate the zeal or heart of Canada's sportsmen and sportswomen. They are almost universally humble, engaging and dedicated to their sport, their teammates and their country. However, when the few of them that are elite athletes succumb to the pressures, are hobbled by injuries or are unlucky, Canada has few other stars to draw on.


Canada's ballyhooed Own the Podium program spends $34 million a year preparing athletes for the Summer Games. That is clearly not enough of an investment if Canada wishes to compete with Britain, which confirmed Sunday that it will continue spending about $180 million a year on elite sport through 2016 using taxpayers and lottery money, and Australia, which spends about $175 million a year on elite athletes and whose Olympic association has $100 million in the bank.


As for China, who knows what it is spending to build a chillingly Khalil Mack Kids Jersey effective Stakhanovite system designed solely to produce gold medallists, but it must be a colossal sum.


As it is, Canada will have great difficultly keeping its place as perhaps the 22nd best country in the Summer Olympics. The number of gold medals to be won has nearly doubled since the Montreal Games, but the number of countries winning medals has grown at a greater rate, soaring to 85 from 41.


The Harper government has made a lot of noise about how Canada is a world class country that can compete with anyone. If it is sincere about this it must double or triple the amount of money that Ottawa spends to prepare Olympians and do a far better job of deciding which sports are deserving. A case can be made, for example, for putting more money into team sports rather than some of the sillier new Olympic sports where Canada's chances will drop sharply when other countries start to take them seriously The COC must also do a far better job. It is a bit of a mess at the moment, with serious dissatisfaction over its self aggrandizing leadership. A purge is required to bring in a much younger and more dynamic group of altruistic, prodigiously well informed men and women with a long and deep commitment to amateur sport to design and manage a sophisticated program so that Canada can compete against countries such as Britain, France, South Korea and Australia and surpass Hungary, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Cuba, New Zealand and Iran. It also badly needs an entirely new public relations strategy, one that is not micro managed as if the COC is the Prime Minister's Office, with comments closely vetted and athletes protected from enemies who do not exist.


Olympic sport is much more than blood and sweat. It requires big money, ingenuity, perseverance and deliberately high standards to shoot for.

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9 Steps with Pictures2014-Dec-9

9 Steps with Pictures


Pick out the right bait. This is crucial. Bass like noise, so try spinnerbaits and crankbaits with a good rattle. Also Bass love worms, so try worms that have salt in them. These work the best. Plastic frogs and lizards work also. Most importantly, figure out what the bass are eating where you are fishing. For example, are there a lot of shad where you fish, crawfish etc. If that is not an option, kill the fish quickly (blunt object to the back of the head), incise the abdomen and remove the intestines (be sure to remove the kidneys that are up against the spine)then put it directly on ice. If you don't have a cooler available, a "stringer" or bucket of water will keep it somewhat cool. If you don't intend to eat the fish, return it to the water by gently holding it in the water ensure the gills can open and close and allow water to pass through.


Check to see if you need a fishing license, fees from these licenses help ensure safe and sustainable fishing opportunities!


Natural color baits work best greens, browns, watermelon red.


Just like anything else, bass fishing takes practice. The more you fish and learn the more luck you'll have on the water.


Cast your line and bait parallel to the shore or treeline or brushline you are working and draw the bait back toward you in this fashion. This will give your lure/bait a longer time in the strike zone and will, in time, increase your strike percentages because you're extending your bait's exposure to bass for a longer period of time. Like many other sports, the savvy angler will work the percentages.


Pitch your bait into or near visible brush and underwater debris. Bass hang out near and under structure to wait for an ambush opportunity to feed. The more confident you become, you can even start skipping your bait off this structure Tony Gonzalez Red Jersey to solicit a reaction strike from a nearby bass. That's right, bass will strike lures when they are hungry AND when they are, for lack of a better word, annoyed!


Banjo or bionic minnows will increase a beginners chance of catching a bass. That specific bait is so life Steven Jackson Women Jersey like and easy to use.


Don't ignore the creature baits and artificial worms many experienced bass anglers will confirm this suggestion: without fail, the largest bass ever caught have been snagged using these simple baits and techniques with a spinning reel/rod combo.


Don't depend solely on artificial lures a nice night crawler may also produce spectacular results.


Scents and weights may increase your chance of catching a fish. Try a wide variety to see which one is right for the area you are fishing in.


Don't get discouraged if you don't catch fish http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Robert-Alford-Jersey.html the first time. You have to know the lake. Consider getting a map for the specific lake.


Use a medium sized hook and use minnows for bait.


Nightcrawlers are perfect for bass, cast it without a floater and sinker and yu have a good chance to get a Largemouth.


Think twice about eating a bass you may catch. Reservoir and retention ponds can produce some large bass, Tony Gonzalez Kids Jersey however, retention ponds collect runoff wastes and toxins from groundwater. Eating these fish may be hazardous to your health. Conversely, bass caught from larger lakes and rivers are your best bet for fish not as likely to be toxic with Steven Jackson Authentic Jersey metals such as mercury and other contaminants. This is due, in large measure, to the fact that lake water is replenished to varying degrees by feeder rivers and underground springs.


Be sure you have a license to fish. He has written 18 articles and patrolled over 29,000 edits. He loves patrolling recent changes, boosting new articles, and helping to keep wikiHow a high quality resource through other Admin duties. He says he loves helping new contributors become experienced editors. His favorite article he's ever worked on is How to Make a Homemade Compound Crossbow, which has over 45,000 views. He says he loves the friendly spirit of wikiHow and the sense of a dedicated community working together towards a goal. For new contributors seeking to be part of the experience, he advises: Dive right in, and don't be afraid www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Desmond-Trufant-Jersey.html to ask questions!

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down on brown ink tattoos2014-Dec-9

down on brown ink tattoos


What is the low down on brown ink tattoos?


February 14, 2008 1:55 PM Subscribe


I am planning an extensive tattoo and would like to have it done in brown ink. I have seen a few that look beautiful but the tattoo artist I have chosen is advising me against it as he said it will not fade out well (he says it will degrade fairly quickly and fade unevenly). I'm in a quandry because I'm not crazy about black tattoos. Does anyone have personal experience with this? I haven't been able to find much online about it. Roddy White Jersey Here is an example of what I like.


posted by livinginmonrovia to clothing, beauty, fashion (24 answers total) 9 users marked this as a favorite


Not knowing anything about tattoos, I'd advise against having a tattoo artist (or doctor, dentist, etc.) do any work where they are not confident in the end result. Why not get the opinion of another well respected artist who is comfortable with brown ink and discuss your concerns.


posted by whatisish at 2:22 PM on February 14, 2008


1: Some people are allergic to red tattoo ink. Red ink is an ingredient in brown ink. If you are allergic and get a brown tattoo, it will fade and Matt Ryan Jersey blotch badly.


2: Some older tattoo artists think that if a colored tattoo isn't outlined in black, it will fade. This is not true.


All colored tattoos are believed to need more care than black to prevent fading, but with good care they can last and stay vibrant just fine. Treat it well and it should do fine, if you are not allergic. Lotion and sunscreen are your friends.


Also, what whatisish said makes a lot of sense. Find someone who says they can do it, and whose portfolio backs it up. Look at lots and lots of photo albums of real Matt Ryan Youth Jersey work, not just flash on the walls, until you find someone who does the style that you want well. Then expect to pay well for good quality work.


posted by agentofselection at 2:25 PM on February 14, 2008 [1 favorite]


Henna's not tattoo. It's very cool, but they're different.


I know that brown ink is used in cosmetic tattoos, for women who never again want to make up their eyebrows or whatever. But if your tattooist is advising against it, then I'd listen. You can call around to different shops, maybe, and see if anyone else has more information about it. Different inks do react differently from each other, and if I were planning a big piece, I'd sure want it to not fade or get blotchy. I'd say either go with a different color, or wait a couple of years to see what happens with brown inks formulations change, and they may come up with one that's stable, or more stable than the ones currently available.


Or what whatisish http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Julio-Jones-Jersey.html said. Go start looking at portfolios.


I have tattoos but nary a brown one in sight.


posted by rtha at 2:27 PM on February 14, 2008


agent said exactly what i was going to say. if your artist doesn't feel comfortable doing THIS tattoo for whatever reason, choose someone else for THIS tattoo.


my guy doesn't do portraits, so if i ever wanted a portrait, i would go to someone else.


one thing i've noticed with brown in tattoos (on other people) is that it fades out to a reddier brown than it was originally. so if you want a chocolatey brown, you're probably not going to get it.


posted by misanthropicsarah at 2:33 PM on February 14, 2008


It's henna colored, but permanent ink. In three years, it hasn't faded or gotten blotchy at all, and it still looks nice. However, everytime people see it, they think it's fake, since it's a henna color. Or they think it's a scar. (And that's annoying.)


You can get some excellent work from a really good artist in blacks and greys. Mark Heggie (in Michigan) did some fantastic work on my fiance.


posted by santojulieta at www.coltsnflprostore.com/Nike-Darius-Butler-Jersey.html 2:37 PM on February 14, 2008


Ooh, I just checked Heggie's site, Roddy White Authentic Jersey and if you take a gander at his tattoo portfolio, check out the third row down, all the way to the right. That is a great example of really good black and grey. My fiance's sleeve was way dark four years ago, but has mellowed out substantially and is surprisingly tasteful now.


posted by santojulieta at 2:41 PM on February 14, 2008


Hm, that "brown" ink does look like it'll fade faster. My boyfriend doesn't like pure black tattoos either, this is one of his two. It's got black, brown and tan shades, and the style of shading looks like it'll fade nicer. If you don't want black ink, try something like that.


posted by herbaliser at 2:45 PM on February 14, 2008


Wow. you know, I have more than a few tattoos, I'm friends with an artist, most of my friends would be called "heavily tattooed" people. And now that you say it, I can't recall EVER seeing a brown ink tattoo.

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Chicago Bears settle with Matt Blanchard to reach roster limit2014-Dec-9

Chicago Bears settle with Matt Blanchard to reach roster Darius Butler Authentic Jersey limit


The Chicago Bears made their way to the 75 man roster limit Tuesday by reaching an injury settlement with quarterback Matt Blanchard.


The second year passer from Wisconsin Whitewater fractured a knuckle on his left non throwing hand in the second preseason game against the Chargers. The injury complicated a situation in which the Bears might have considered keeping him on the 53 man roster or working to move him to the practice squad after final cuts, but the team could not release an injured player without having to come to a settlement.


"I think everyone knows how we felt about Matt Blanchard when he was here," Bears coach Marc Trestman said after the Bears confirmed Julio Jones Kids Jersey a Tribune report on Blanchard's exit. "I really liked his progress."


Because of the settlement, Blanchard will not be eligible to re sign with the Darius Butler Womens Jersey Bears until after Week 10. This also precludes him from joining the team practice squad. Blanchard will be free to sign with another organization after the length of the injury settlement has expired, so even if the Bears want him back down the road, that might be impossible. Blanchard was not on the field for the team's practice Tuesday at Halas Hall.


Blanchard would have been expected to play all or most of Thursday game against the Browns at Soldier Field if he was healthy. Now, he have to heal up and wait for his next opportunity.


injured at all it always frustrating, Blanchard said. just have to handle it with as much poise as possible. You have to keep your head up and move forward. Bears carried Blanchard on the practice squad for the majority of last season before releasing him late in the year when injuries necessitated some roster shuffling. He was re signed to a two year deal after the season, turning down overtures from a www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Roddy-White-Jersey.html handful of other clubs, including the Cowboys and Dolphins.


The team was pleased with the progress Blanchard made during the offseason. He got extensive work http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Matt-Ryan-Jersey.html in the team rookie minicamp and was doing well picking up coach Marc Trestman new offense.


my confidence and knowledge of the game has gotten so Julio Jones Women Jersey much better, Blanchard said. unfortunate an injury has to happen but everything happened for a reason. Things will work out.

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South Whitehall Township2014-Dec-9

Morning Call


Phyllis A. Long


November 23, 2008The Morning Call


Phyllis A. Long, 68, of South Whitehall Township, died Friday, November 21, 2008, in the Inpatient Hospice Unit at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shippin Allentown. She was the widow Cheap Jerseys of Howard cheap NFL Jerseys R. Long Jr. Born in Easton, she was the daughter of Ruth A. (Lauer) Liberti of Easton and the late Joseph V. Liberti. She was a 1958 graduate of Easton High School. She was a legal secretary Wholesale Basketball Jerseys at Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Allentown, for many years until retiring in 2000. After retiring, Phyllis ran and was elected to the office of treasurer of South Whitehall Township. he held the position from 2000 to 2004. After her term was complete, she worked for the law firm of Noonan and Prokup, Allentown. She was a member, Eucharistic minister and past church council member at Cedar Lutheran Church, Allentown. She was a member, active volunteer and past office of the Ladies wholesale jerseys Auxiliary of Cetronia Fire Company. at Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Cetronia Elementary School.

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